Lakehouse log cabin with pinon privacy Fall foliage with lake reflections and magnificent mountains Bungalow cabin living room with vintage furniture and South Eye window Cozy privacy corner in bungalow log cabin on lake Hot tub for two with seating over Willowtail Springs private lake Successful release of adolescent golden eagle through the CO Division of Wildlife Garden Cottage cabin master bedroom with views to private gardens Gorgeous iris gardens leading to Garden Cottage cabin in spring Sunrise over private Willowtail Springs lake and background forests of pinon, ponderosa, cedar Lakehouse cabin living room and chaise lounge overlooking lake and mountains Pathways to Willowtail Springs adventures and beautiful views Lush pathways with wrought iron steps leading to Lakehouse and Bungalow Aspen in fall in San Juan mountains very close to Willowtail Springs Your hosts, Peggy and Lee, on Lakehouse deck with pastel painting

Residencies in the Arts and Sciences
One week to 2 Months
Scholarship Support

Residencies are now offered and managed through
Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center
dba Willowtail Preserve/Education Center

Willowtail Preserve/Education Center works with and through art organizations, art commissions private schools, colleges, universities, alumni and other foundations, scientific groups and art galleries.

Residencies are offered through Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center, a designated 501c3.



Schedule an individual Retreat or Program for yourself or a group
through Willowtail Springs B&B Cabins,

  • No tax deduction can be claimed for this type of stay by a participant or anyone sponsoring this category of stay.
  • Pricing for this type of stay is different pricing system than for a Residency with Scholarship support.
  • The Working Studio is not included in the price of a stay through Willowtail Springs,
  • Sales and Lodging tax are added to this stay.
  • An application is not required.  There is no review Board.
  • A participant is not chosen/awarded by the the WTSNPEC Board from a group of other applicants.
  • Willowtail Springs Retreats are not considered Residencies and are not covered by the 501c3 corporation,
    Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center.

    "Thanks so much for another beautiful, idyllic respite. This is a glorious refuge where quiet seeps into my body and my mind becomes free from lists, demands and urban shrillness. It is a place for gathering, dreaming and essential peacefulness. A coot cuts a wake across the lake, it's cry echoing into the blue bowl of the sky. That I were so free, to paddle in such a home...."

    –Linda Bowers, Director, Seattle Arts and Lectures, Seattle, WA
    Former Head of Hedgebrook Women Writer’s Retreat, Whidbey Island, WA.
    Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA

    Tai Chi

    Guests can always arrange for a Tai Chi lesson or a series of sessions with Lee during a stay with us.The emphasis is on health and the development of building continual regeneration in the body.
    Talk to Lee about creating a program fitted to your needs and your stay with us.

    "Willowtail Springs has a gentle magic which is a powerful catalyst for transformation. I benefited from the top quality presenters in both experimental painting and Tai Chi push hands."
    –Caitlin Howell, Master of Divinity, Wholistic teacher and consultant

    The Working Studio and/or the Treehouse Gallery can be rented separately or combined with a cabin rental stay
    through Willowtail Springs B&B Cabins,

    Working Studio Building:
    The Working  Studio, is 600 sq ft., lovely for work or meetings. It is open 9 a.m.– 5 p.m. It can hold up to 8 people and is $100 per day depending on the individual or group. The price varies if the participants are already staying at Willowtail Springs. 

    Workshops at Willowtail Springs

    The Working studio space is a separate building nestled in the gardens next to the Lakehouse that looks out to the lake. It is a perfect retreat for individual creative work, retreat studies or group meetings, combined with a stay. It is a light, airy room with a sink, refrigerator, walls for art work display or other display items. There are work tables which can be used for standing or sitting. The garden areas around the building are perfect for outdoor extension of work and contemplation. It will accommodate up to 12 people depending on the activity. This building can be rented in combination with a stay at Willowtail Springs.

    Treehouse Gallery Building:
    The Treehouse Gallery is a lovely large gallery and meeting space. 
    It has 5 sliding walls for art or presentations.
    It can accommodate up to 16 people for a meeting and can seat 12 people at the table for a meeting and at least 5 people in comfortable chairs in the room.
      It has a large bath and shower, an art sink and extra room for food preparation.
    It has spectacular 10' walls and cherry floors and moldings.
    The ambiance of the antiques and art is quite special.
    The Treehouse rents for an additional $200 per day if you are already staying at Willowtail.
    Like the Working Studio, It is a separate rental without overnight accommodations.

    Also offered through Willowtail Spring B&B Cabins,
    These can be rented in addition to a cabin stay or separately by the day:

    Corporate Retreats, Personal Growth:
    Groups of 6–12 can meet in the Working Studio or the Lakehouse, depending on their needs.  These are usually led by independent presenters.

    Outside Presenters:
    We welcome presenters with their own programs and their own students to utilize the the studio spaces at Willowtail Springs. We have done this in areas such as Meditation groups, art retreats with teachers bringing their own participants, plus nature, garden and landscape groups wanting a guided tour of the property with a program.

    Lakehouse Retreat Center:
    The Lakehouse features a full kitchen and two separate meeting rooms. It is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. It can accommodate up to 15 people and is $300 per day. The garden areas around the building are perfect for outdoor extension of work and contemplation.

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