Lakehouse log cabin with pinon privacy Fall foliage with lake reflections and magnificent mountains Bungalow cabin living room with vintage furniture and South Eye window Cozy privacy corner in bungalow log cabin on lake Hot tub for two with seating over Willowtail Springs private lake Successful release of adolescent golden eagle through the CO Division of Wildlife Garden Cottage cabin master bedroom with views to private gardens Gorgeous iris gardens leading to Garden Cottage cabin in spring Sunrise over private Willowtail Springs lake and background forests of pinon, ponderosa, cedar Lakehouse cabin living room and chaise lounge overlooking lake and mountains Pathways to Willowtail Springs adventures and beautiful views Lush pathways with wrought iron steps leading to Lakehouse and Bungalow Aspen in fall in San Juan mountains very close to Willowtail Springs Your hosts, Peggy and Lee, on Lakehouse deck with pastel painting

Articles About Willowtail Springs

Articles About Willowtail Springs

Arts Perspective Magazine, Fall 2011, click to view article

Durango Wedding Magazine click to view article

Colorado Expression click to view article
This is a wonderful article emphasizing the qualities of Willowtail Springs as a place to indulge and expand creative work. Visual art, music, writing, Tai Chi and poetry are only a few of the energies at work here, both inside and outside. There are wonderful, large photos of both the exteriors, interiors and the working studio.

Durango DCD Home click to view article
Although this article discusses Willowtail Springs as a whole, it also speaks to the artwork being done here and the environment being protected.

Sunset click to view article
This particular issue of Sunset talks about the wine country in SW Colorado. Willowtail Springs is the inn of choice recommended in this piece. Prior to WillowTail Springs, Peggy is featured for her gardens in Seattle.

Inside/Outside Magazine click to view article

Durango Herald (see below)
Extensive articles with photographs on the front page of Lee and the story of Cloys efforts to save their ancient pinion and ponderosa forests from the epidemic of the Ips Bark Beetle. These are very informative articles that speak of the pioneer attitude needed to think about this process and actually act or immerse oneself in a way that, much like a great painting, looks impossible and insurmountable from either end.

Article 1 click to view article
Article 2 click to view article
Article 3 click to view article
Article 4 click to view article

Cortez Journal click to view article
This article was a version of the article appearing in the Durango Herald from a little different angle. It talks about the Cloys effort not only to combat the beetle but to educate the public on what can be done on their own property.

Mancos Times click to view article
An overview of the property, Willowtail is a great getaway to relax or create. 

Email Newsletter, March 2010 click to view
Very informative announcement of Peggy’s new resurgence of her art career, the developments of work space possibilities for workshops or individual work and the latest updates on Willowtail Springs B&B Cabins. There are lots of photos and links to Peggy’s new art website and to Willowtail Springs.

Other articles of interest:
Country Homes & Gardens

Country Homes & Gardens

Durango Herald
Arts & Entertainment Abstractions

Seattle Times


San Juan College Art Show Review - March 2011

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